what are residential youth programs!
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Residential youth programs are designed to help youths with serious behaviour and emotional problems. The children have to live in a facility where they are supervised and monitored by trained staff.

Children’s residential care is ideal for youths who may not get it easy living in their communities. Those who benefit from these programs include children and adolescents with educational needs that are not possible to meet in a normal school setting. Those who have undergone outpatient psychiatric treatment and are still troubled are also welcome. Even those who need follow-up in-patient psychiatric treatment are welcome.

Children’s residential care usually involve the following:

  • A thorough assessment of the educational, social, medical, behavioural, and emotional needs. These needs are then supported safely.

  • Instituting an individual treatment plan to help the child or adolescent come out looking different.

  • Group and individual therapy

  • Psychiatric care in the hands of a children and adolescent psychiatrist

  • Involving the child’s support system or family. Here, there are opportunities for family contact and therapy. This is done via telephone calls, home passes, on-site visits, and other communication modes.

  • Predictable and non-violent ways of helping children and youth with behavioural and emotional issues. What is never encouraged is the use of intimidation, manipulation or physical punishment.

The purpose of residential youth programs is to ensure that the youth’s physical and emotional health is restored.

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